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Historical photos found on this site are brought to you courtesy of the Franklin County Historical Society. For these and over
10,000 other photos visit their collection  housed at the Franklin County Records Center, 1140 W. 7th Terrace, Ottawa, Kansas

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Marais des Cygnes River Gage Height at Ottawa, Kansas

View the carving of Ottawa's statue of
George Washburn in progress

"Tauy Jones Statue

Virtual Tour of Downtown Ottawa
100 Block East Side / 100 Block West Side
200 Block East Side / 200 Block West Side
300 Block West Side
400 Block East Side / 400 Block West Side

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Building Histories

Restoration of 226-28 South Main, February 2004
Restoration of 101-05 South Main, 2003

Genealogy of the Chippewa-Munsee of Franklin County
The web page describes the Chippewa and Munsee who shared a reservation
in Franklin County from 1859 to 1900.  

Kansas History Links
1856 Troubles in Kansas; Congressional Report
Resources of Kansas; by Clinton C. Hutchinson; 1871
The Annals of Kansas, 1832-1911; by Daniel Wilder
1883 Andreas History of Kansas
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History of Kansas and Kansans, compiled by William E. Connelley, 1918
American Rhetoric, audios of Famous American Speech's

Chippewa-Munsee Genealogy

Random Pictures From Around Franklin County, Kansas
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Ottawa Annals, by year
Pomona Annals, by year
U.S. Census Bureau, Information for Franklin County, Kansas

Ottawa Recreation Commission


QUARTERLYOnline, (Volumes 1 thru 5)

FCGS Quarterly Online, Volume  9 (added January 2005)
FCGS Quarterly Online, Volume 10 (added October 2003)
FCGS Quarterly Online, Volume 11 (added October 2003)
FCGS Quarterly Online, Volume 12 (added November 2005)
FCGS Quarterly Online, Volume 13 (added November 2005)