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I  hope you enjoy my webpage. Genealogy and local history have been my passion since my youth growing up on a small farm in the western part of Franklin County.

As a young boy my paternal grandfather would share stories with me of trading trinkets and beads with the Indians who lived in tepees in his neighborhood. He would share pictures of his family, his cousins and his grandparents and talk about how they came to Kansas, talk about their lives and how they were now scattered all across the country.

My world centered around my friends, my school and my neighborhood. Now days I like to tell people that I grew up on a small farm outside a small town in a small midwestern state.

At that time I could only dream about the outside world and the things I saw on television. The only relatives I knew were my aunts and uncles, and cousins who all, with the exception of an aunt and uncle in California, all lived in the local area.

My paternal Grandmother would also share her box of old pictures and family memorabilia with me also. She was a lot younger than her siblings and they had all passed on by the time I was around. She would tell about a cousin in Kansas City that was married to a Judge. She would talk about about her cousin whose two grandsons were professional baseball players in the 1920's and 30's.

Because of this vast world that I would hear about only through these stories It peaked my interest and I had to know more. I began asking questions and as early as 1969 I was putting together a family tree from the information I could gather from my parents and grandparents.